We collaborate

Working closely and collaboratively with teams can have sustainable benefits. We often work with senior management teams to support and challenge the process of achieving change, project development or business planning. Frequently this is extended to involve staff teams and/or board members.

Clients with whom we are working in this way include the ICA, Liverpool’s Royal Court and Ushaw. We facilitate cultural leaders in setting shared goals and achievable collaborative actions including:

  • The leaders of all theatres in Liverpool City Region in receipt of Arts Council National Portfolio funding including a core group comprising Everyman & Playhouse, Royal Court and Unity Theatres, as part of our review of Liverpool Theatres
  • The CEOs of the Newcastle Gateshead Cultural Venues consortium in considering the future of City of Dreams, their collaborative creative engagement programme
  • The directors of Festivals Edinburgh, comprising all the major international festivals in the city, on future planning and operations

As a result of our extensive work across the industry, we work with many organisations and people giving ongoing advice over the longer term.

BK has been working with stakeholders in Walsall and Bishop Auckland as they develop plans to realise the significant investment opportunities open to both locations as part of the government’s Stronger Towns Fund. Both projects involve redeveloping redundant spaces in existing shopping centres – in Walsall to replace a space left by Marks and Spencer with a theatre and in Bishop Auckland, working alongside the transformative company Artichoke, to develop live work units for artists. BK is working with the stakeholders to develop options and ensure deliverable projects.
We also collaborate in wider consultancy and client teams, providing expert insight to inform wider decisions. This work includes an Audit of Visual Artists for the Scottish Arts Council and a review of the Voluntary Sector’s support for culture for the Cultural Commission in Scotland.